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  • Feb 4th, 2021

    Kemi buys plantain chips in traffic, tears open the nylon, eats, and then throws the wrapper out the window. Chuks on the other hand is thirsty after football practice, he buys some sachets of water to quench his thirst and throws the ‘useless nylon’ to the ground. Zainab on the (second) other hand sweeps the dirt from her compound into the nearby gutter. And you, well you know how much you contribute to littering everyday. Days later, rain comes and instead of flowing freely in the drainages that were constructed for it, it is stopped by heaps and heaps of improperly disposed waste by Kemi, Chuks, Zainab and (of course) you.


    Dropping a litter on the floor is very bad. You watch elders in our society do it but perhaps if you understood some of the consequences, you would understand why you shouldn’t do it and why you have to correct them when they too do it.

    First off, after the gutters become clogged thanks to the litters, the waste water ceases to flow and begins to rise. Such a scene eventually becomes a breeding site for all sort of disease-causing organisms. We add as a matter of fact, that this water may even begin to flow into your homes and businesses because there’s no route for it to escape, thereby causing illnesses.

    And for those gutters that you see flowing with litters in them, they meet rivers and oceans. Materials of this nature being present in the rivers and oceans can poison, maim or kill aquatic life.

    Again, did you know that plastic bottles contaminate the soil after decomposing? If dropped to the ground, it adversely affects the life of plants that use the soil and the lives of those who consume the plants. Don’t you think we should begin to act sustainably?

    Moreover, dropping litters on the ground turns out to be a waste of resources. A lot of materials we dispose improperly can be kept in appropriate containers and recycled. Hence raw materials, time and money is conserved. If we all used the bin, the government and private companies wouldn’t have to spend so much to clean our surroundings. According to the ‘Nigeria – Water and Sanitation Program’ publication by the Water and Sanitation Program(WSP) , “Poor sanitation costs Nigeria 455 billion Naira each year…” some of this money can be used to improve other areas of the economy don’t you think?

    In addition, a litter strewn environment is very unpleasant to the eyes. This unpleasantness makes us condemn our society and our country but we are the ones responsible for it. The government didn’t throw the half-eaten corn cob or the empty bottles on the road. We did. And littering is a serious issue.

    The solution? Use a bin. It’s that simple. When you need to dispose a litter, use a bin. If you can’t find one, create one, that you, your friends and others in your society can use. And when you can’t create a bin, keep your litter in your pocket/bag till you find one. Whatever you do, do not drop it on the floor.

    Also, tell a friend (nicely) to tell a friend (nicely) that we all can contribute to a healthier, cleaner and more beautiful litter-free society.

    Furthermore, you may choose to join thousands of youths from all over the world as they impACT the world by working in line with the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs). Visit and we’ll get you started!

    Let us know what you think about littering in the comment section below!

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