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  • Nov 10th, 2020

    Hey AIESEC!!!

    I’m so happy about the public holiday! What about you?

    Now, guess who we interviewed?!! Our very own person!!

    Drumrolls !!!!!!

    Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the ride of this edifying interview.

    Interviewer Please may we know you?

    Ugo : Blessed with a gift of a good heart, I like to call myself a friendly social intellect, one that is passionate about technology and creating positive impact in society. Ugochukwu Modum is my name and I’m fondly called Ugo. I’m a graduate of Computer Engineering from the University of Lagos.

    Interviewer : So when did you join AIESEC? Why and how?

    Ugo: Our class rep then during my Diploma days, Michael Jacob, came and made an announcement about an opportunity to join an organization that would give us access to internship opportunities abroad… All I needed to hear was the chance to go abroad even as a student here and that was you could even do your compulsory school internship abroad too? Wow… I was all in. And that was how my journey kick started.

    I bought the form from him, then valued at N1, 500. Went through the rigorous (trust me when I say rigorous) process of admission, and I was in!

    Interviewer : Hmm. Quite interesting. Have you always been involved from your first day of joining AIESEC?

    Ugo : I have oh… Is not me that opportunity will come and pass…

    As I advanced in AIESEC, I found it very interesting… Of course, this was because I had an open mind to situations and a never dying spirit.

    When I joined newly, back in 2013, there was a chance to organize cultural events in collaboration with the Egyptian Embassy. I was on the OC for one of the events; A Day in India. The event was so successful that I landed an internship at the Egyptian Consulate for a month, and then to Egypt Air and then to a Travel and Tours Agency… All in one period. It was mind blowing. Due to this, and the fact that I never turned down any opportunity to be at National Conferences, I found multiple reasons to keep going on.

    Interviewer : Wow! This shows that active participation goes a long way  I guess through this, you were motivated to go on exchange.

    Ugo : Yes, I was super motivated.

    The truth is, I was a strong member of MAC then, started the blog, the current Twitter account, etc, and was an MLM in charge of Intelligence and Communications.

    And then, it was time for LCVP elections and I decided to try a new challenge; take up a Leadership in a different Functional Area. I decided to give it a try and ended up becoming LCVP OGCDP (now OGV)… I was supposed to send a ton of people on Exchange and I hadn’t even gone before. Even the previous year, we only managed to send 3 people due to the 6 month strike. And it was through that role I finally had my Exchange experience in Sunyani, Ghana.

    Interviewer : Cool!! So how has your AIESEC journey been so far? After you left the LCP role?

    Ugo : It’s been quite eventful… Became a Team Member for AIESEC Lagos again as I was still in school. Tried to support the new LCEB in any capacity.

    I was also on the Expansions Development Task Force (EDTF) for AIESEC Nigeria at that time, helping to structure the expansion of AIESEC in Nigeria.

    Then towards my end of my term, I was elected MCVP OGX for AIESEC in Ethiopia. And that’s an experience I wouldn’t have traded for anything.

    Interviewer : For this eventful and edifying experiences, I’m sure you faced some challenges. Please can you share some of the challenges faced?

    Ugo : Interesting one here.. I had to think deeply about this question because I have this mindset that there’s no obstacle that can’t be surmounted. So I proceed to tackle any and all as they arise that I sometimes fail to document them all.

    In terms of challenges, I’ll say that there are three major challenges I faced.

    Finance There were times I didn’t have money to facilitate my experiences. Family Another time came when I had some issues with my family concerning AIESEC as they didn’t really understand the organization and thought it was distracting me from school itself Vision Finding a true goal for myself was also a major challenge as there were many paths to take and it was easy to be lost in all the frenzy.

    Interviewer : Hmm. That’s interesting. Many AIESECers face these challenges and one of the most faced challenge is balancing AIESEC with school yet excelling in both. I mean you’re a true exemplar of that. Please how were you able to do this and what advice of assistance can you give to AIESECers facing this challenge?

    Ugo : About balancing AIESEC with school… In my opinion, the two entities (AIESEC and School) are very important in terms of securing a future for you. Balance usually becomes an issue when you’re not sure of the value of one over the other. Being in AIESEC is one of the best opportunities to learn practically how to manage your time properly. For me, AIESEC was everything school was not; fun, practical, leadership focused, global network etc. And school for me was respect in the Nigerian society and global market, pride of your parents and deep theoretical/technical knowledge. As I said earlier, the two are very much important and so what I did was to align my life to revolve around these two entities. I focused on school, and allowed AIESEC to come to me naturally because of how real and fun it felt to me. At the end of the day, balance is not something that is achieved once, it is a constant struggle until the very end. And that, is how I achieved it.

    Interviewer : Hmm. Really enlightening. I’m sure you had fun in AIESEC, good moments, bad and the ugly one too. Lol

    So AIESEC moments and experiences to share?

    Ugo :  Which do I start with?

    Good Ugly Bad Interviewer Lol. Let’s start with the good.

    Ugo : I’ve had a lot of good experiences. Most of them come from my time spent with people. From my interns (Jeff, Kerren, Clara, etc) to my EB Team (Eniola, Simi, Gbemi, Dare, Hassan, Olassss) to my friends (Sandra, Yomi, Olumide, Praise, Adeola, infact there were too much sef) and even events like LCMs, National Conferences, turn ups 

    But there are some experiences that stand out. Here are a few… – My International Congress attendance at Łódź, Poland. – My MCVP OGX Experience in Ethiopia. – My OCVP Experience for ‘A Day in India’ and internships at Egypt Air, Egyptian Consulate, Silver Gate Travel and Tours. – My Sunyani Exchange Experience.

    Interviewer : Wow! So much for good experiences. Bad?

    Ugo : I lost a friend and team member on Exchange. It was a really sad time. It taught me a lot like taking the little things we do seriously.

    Interviewer : So sad Ugly?

    Ugo : There are broadly classified into two categories Personal I lost my LCP election and I had only two votes, one from me and another from the other voters. Another similar incidence occurred when I applied for MCP and I had only one vote. Organization There were times when we organized events and didn’t start on time. It just made me look like our politicians; promise and fail. It made me realise that AIESEC is us and we are AIESEC. If we are good, AIESEC is good and vice versa.

    Interviewer : Hmm. Cool. It’s nice to know that we all learn from these experiences. What do you have to say to some lost AIESECers reading this?

    Ugo : One AIESEC principle I love and respect a lot is ‘We are responsible for our learning and the learning of others’. With this in mind, if you can’t relate to anything I’ve said so far, then it’s most likely you’re not giving as much commitment as you should to AIESEC. The best way to learn from or get the best from AIESEC is to give yourself in service. Be productive and not just active.

    AIESEC is the largest youth run organization in the world with tons of diverse opportunities for you. Don’t be left out. Ask questions, be proactive, agile and strive for growth. And most importantly, strive to be original and unique.

    Interviewer : Thank you so much!! It was nice interviewing you!

    Ugo : Thanks for having me!

    I’m sure we all learnt from this!

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