AIESEC: The role of youth in a community

There is no denying that the world is going through a lot of changes and challenges. These obstacles are normal, and what truly matters is how the world and its people respond to them. When united and moving towards the same goal, this is when we can get out of these situations and move forward to something better. 

Here at AIESEC, we make it our mission to bring together people from all walks of life and let them experience what it’s like to be a part of a community. In particular, we work with the youth and slowly help them transition from being reliant on other people to being reliable ones. At the end of the day, youth is the hope of the future. 

If you would like to know more about the role of youth in the community, see the coming sections. This might be your sign to join us here at AIESEC and be a part of our exchange and internship programs. 

The youth are catalysts for change 

While it makes sense that the older and more experienced people of this generation will take charge, it’s important to remember the role of the youth as well. They have to be trained and taught how to deal with certain issues and the upcoming changes that society will face. Otherwise, there is a risk of continuity problems in the next century or so. 

If the youth are expected to turn things around for the better, then people have to accept that they are catalysts for change. Order and restoration of certain problems cannot be done overnight. It sometimes takes decades and decades of work before world issues start to become better. The responsibility falls onto the next generation. 

Offers a fresh and modern take on things 

As the world changes, the youth changes with it as well. Over the past few centuries, women’s rights and the LGBT community have struggled with being normalized in society. These are just some issues that are in dire need of change and modernization. In the future, the responsibility falls to the youth and how they will tackle it.

Some ideas and concepts in life can be outdated, and the youth will be the ones to accept and change them. These are inevitable, and the younger generation has to learn and be trained in the right ways of society. Only then will they be able to successfully change the world for the better. 

Connecting young people from all over the world 

Cultural barriers and racism are unfortunate truths that the world is facing today. Even after hundreds of years worth of trading, wars and peace treaties, there are still tons of problems that various countries face around the globe. The best way to solve this is by teaching young people how to handle cultural differences and resolve things peacefully. 

Through our exchange program here at AIESEC, all of our members are allowed to meet people from different countries and see new places. That way, they know how important it is to get along with other cultures and bear witness to timely events. Plus, it’s an excellent opportunity to be social and meet new friends. 

Eradicate issues faced by the globe 

As previously mentioned, the youth are the ones who will change the future for the better. A facet of this responsibility falls on problems being faced by the world such as poverty, corruption, war and many more. These cannot be solved overnight, so the best thing that can be done is to educate the youth and groom them to be ready for these challenges. 

The youth nowadays have interests in many fields. Some of them wish to become doctors while others are interested in writing or taking up non-profit projects. No matter what you or your child have as a goal, this is a massive opportunity to contribute to the world and eventually take away the issues being faced today. 

Work on advancements for the future 

Technology is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world today, and people tend to be very caught up in their gadgets or activities online. Whether it be innovations like a revolutionary scientific instrument or a new and sustainable means of transportation, these advancements for the future can make all the difference. 

Doctors, engineers, programmers, artists, social workers and so many roles are required for this to be achieved. It’s a chance to become a better society and to create a world that is also ready for the next generation of people. One small step at a time is the key to improving the world and its people. 

So, whether you are a member of the youth or you wish to support them for the future, you can do so by joining us here at AIESEC. All of these efforts will go towards a better future for your children and the coming generations. You can either join our program or become a member of our community differently! 

What people don’t tell you about an exchange program

If you are convinced that you wish to join an exchange program, remember that not all of it is glamorous and incredibly revolutionary. Some hardships come with the experience, much like any other challenge that you will take up in your life. So, take a look at some of the things that people don’t tell you about joining an exchange or internship program. 

You will experience culture shock 

An exchange program is an opportunity for people to get out of a space that they know too well and immerse themselves in a completely different culture. This goes both ways for both the visitors and the country accepting these guests. You can either visit a completely foreign location or welcome visitors who are unlike the people you usually know. 

So, experiencing culture shock is a very normal occurrence. Some of the things that you are used to back home will not be the same when you visit another country. Not only are they different, but you have to adjust and do the same things that the locals are doing as well. It’s difficult, but you will get the hang of it eventually. 

Homesickness is normal 

Being in an exchange program is an amazing and once-in-a-lifetime experience. However, it is not without its challenges. Not only is it a chance for you to meet new people, but it will require you to be away from home for a long period. If you have a good relationship with your family and friends, then feeling homesick is something that you will experience. 

A lot of our students here at AIESEC say that while it’s hard to experience homesickness, they believe that they somewhat find a new home in their travels. It doesn’t replace the one they already have, but they eventually find comfort in other places and people as well. 

Language and cultural barriers are evident 

Of course, being in an exchange program means that you will experience language and cultural barriers. This is to be expected especially if you are visiting a country that speaks a different language. If this is the case, then make sure that you learn a few basic words and phrases in the local language to fit in and communicate with people. 

In terms of cultural barriers, there are some ideas or activities that you may deem to be acceptable at home but are not practised in another. The same idea also applies in reverse. It might take a while for you to get used to them, but you will succeed in the end!

Difficulties in adapting to a new environment

Since this is a completely different atmosphere than the one you are used to at home, it can be hard to get used to the environment. Not only is it unusual, but some students even say that they get frustrated sometimes with the transition process. It is completely normal and something that every exchange or internship student should know about. 

In no time you will find that the process is worth it, and you will end the experience with more knowledge than you had in the beginning. 

Finding solitude in being on your own 

Last but not least, joining our programs here at AIESEC is also a chance to discover yourself. Yes, you will certainly meet new people and see different places but it’s also an excellent opportunity to find solitude and escape from certain things in your life.


The Association for International Exchange of Students in Economics and Commerce here in Nigeria has been operating for several decades now. It has become an avenue for people all over the world to witness different cultures and has unique experiences of their own. They have chances to study, travel, volunteer and meet new people! 

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